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The CANI Precision Approach Simulator (PAR) offers a full suite of functionality designed to meet training requirements for PAR Initial Training as well as PAR Refresher Training for licensed ATCOs. System configuration and performance has been optimized primarily for military users and with specific training needs of the armed forces in mind. The simulator provides aircraft position information and guidance in elevation and azimuth view and can be used either as a demonstration tool for PAR functionality or as a full blown simulator device.  

  • Possibility to set up PAR location at the airport
  • Configurable help lines and parameters
  • Possibility to switch between units (NM, FT and km, m)
  • Synthetic target information (switchable)
  • Blip size according to aircraft type
  • Possibility to switch between left hand and right hand approaches
  • Possibility to set indication of whether aircraft is within pre-set safety margin

The systems also enables complex exercise scenarios to be run including the possibility of combined PAR and APP workstations in one exercise, use of back up instruments, unknown traffic crosses of the approach path or wind shear.