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CANI Simulator

The SIM CANI system consists of 20 student positions, 20 pseudopilot positions and 10 coordinator positions. These can all be dynamically connected as needed to allow different groups of scenarios running independently. The configuration can vary from one big exercise involving all positions to 20 independent exercises running simultaneously. Each workstation is equipped with a 30” screen monitor and can be started and operated in all possible roles: enroute (ACC), approach (APP) or airport/tower (TWR).

The simulator can be used for different types of training starting ranging from basic training to refresher training and advanced radar courses. This is ensured via customizable HMI in the student position, allowing tailoring the system to each customer's needs.

Every scenario conducted in the simulator can revert to any point, allowing interactive replays and different outcomes (branching of the exercise). The speed of the simulation can be slowed down, accelerated or set to a different required value. A completed exercise can be archived and exported, including all of the recorded voice communication.

The simulator offers wide range of functions, such as:

  • electronic strips,
  • STCA (Short Term Conflict Alert),
  • MTCD (Middle Term Conflict Detection),
  • APW (Area Proximity Warning),
  • RAM (Route Adherence Monitoring),
  • APM (Approach Path Monitor) and datalink communication.