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Launch of our first “virtual classroom” ATC Basic course

May 11th, 2020 marks a new milestone in ATC training reached by the CANI team together with its customers and students with the launch of our first “virtual classroom” ATC Basic course.

Thanks to the dedication of the IT team, support of the Czech CAA and 21st century technology, CANI managed to navigate through the difficulties imposed by covid-19 on international travel and started an international Basic course with students in the classroom both physically and virtually tuned-in through video-conferencing.

The Basic course followed by ADI course are organized for numerous airports in Germany and will run in the current in-house plus videoconferencing format until all of our students are able to join us in Prague.

A special thank you also goes out to our customers in Germany for their engagement and support of this innovative project.

Good luck to the students in their studies and we look forward to presenting them with their student licenses!