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Precision Approach Radar Course (PAR) (not according to ATCO.B.015 (b)(1))

Course content

  • Course Introduction (INTR)
  • Aviation Law (LAW)
  • Air Traffic Management (ATM)
  • Meteorology (MET)
  • Human Factors (HUM)
  • Equipment and Systems (EQPM)
  • Abnormal and Emergency Situations (ABES)

Course duration

  • Theory- minimum 15 periods (1 period lasts 45 minutes)
  • Briefings and debriefings are part of the practical training
  • Practical training - minimum 25 exercises


Students shall have successfully completed ATCO Basic Training and APS Rating Training.

Course objectives

Students shall, upon successful completion of the course, have required knowledge and practical skills related to an endorsement specified in "PAR Endorsement Training Plan" - MP/16/0239 to have a competency to provide ground-controlled precision approaches with the use of precision approach radar equipment to aircraft on the final approach to the runway. PAR Endorsement training is not specified by the Commission Regulation (EU) No 340/2015 of 20 February 2015, therefore this training plan was designed in accordance with the Czech Airforce headquarters requirements.