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ATCO Aviation English Refresher Course (ATCO AEREF)

Course Design

The course is designed to enhance ATCOs abilities and knowledge of the English language in the operational environment in both standard and non-standard situations.

Course Objectives

The course aims to update and improve ATCOs’ listening and speaking language skills of air traffic control issues. Special attention is paid to the development of Aviation English vocabulary in non-standard situations. The course objectives contribute to passing exam ICAO Level 4/level 4 according to NK (EU) 2015/340 successfully.

Target participants



Minimum intermediate level of English (CEFR B1)

Course Duration

1 to 2 weeks

Course Content

Introduction, needs analysis – outcome incorporated into the course syllabus accordingly

  • Study of communication operational errors that might have resulted in possible emergency situations
  • Intensive listening to authentic recordings of standard and non-standard situations
  • Unusual situations language review, speaking skills extension, case studies discussion 
  • Aviation issues in Air Traffic Control and broader context, opinions and arguments are discussed in depth
  • Course priorities can be altered according to the needs of the client, including the addition of exam preparation units aimed at ICAO Level 4 compliance.