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ATSEP Qualification Training (ATSEP QUALIFICATION)

Course Design

Qualification Training is designed to provide domain-related knowledge and skills appropriate to the qualification stream to be pursued in the CNS/ATM environment. In a minimum of one specialized technical domain, ATSEP are trained for one or more streams that correspond with the system/s and equipment with which they will eventually work. Domains and streams can be selected individually.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of Qualification Training, course participants shall have the ability to identify and solve generic but realistic problems related to an area of expertise. The objectives of particular subjects are to describe relevant systems, equipments or processes.


Intermediate level of English

Course Duration

4 to 5 days for each domain

Course Content

The course is designed around classroom teaching. Additionally, live demonstrations, simulator exercises, site visits to ATC units and CNS facilities are included in the course. Students will be provided with appropriate textbooks and additional materials in English. 

There is a final test at the end of the course.


Course content by domains: 

  • Communication – Voice; Data; Transmission Path; Recorders
  • Navigation – Performance Based Navigation; Ground Based Navigation – NDB, DF, VOR, DME, ILS, MLS; GNSS; On-Board Equipment
  • Surveillance – Primary; Secondary; ADS; HMI; Surveillance Data Transmission; Selected Topics from Data Processing
  • Data Processing – Data Processing Systems; Process; Data; Selected Topics from Communication and Surveillance
  • System Monitoring & Control – ANS Structure; ANS Systems/Equipment; SMC Tools, Processes and Procedures; Technology; Selected Topics from Other Domains