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CANI invited a new group of aspiring Air Traffic Controllers from Norway

This week marks an exciting beginning at our training center as we extend a warm welcome to a new group of aspiring Air Traffic Controllers from Norway.  With dreams of guiding aircraft safely through the skies, these dedicated individuals have embarked on a journey that will equip them with the skills and knowledge

The future Norwegian Air Traffic Controllers have ceremoniously completed the course

We are thrilled to share the news of the festive culmination of yet another training course for aspiring Norwegian air traffic controllers. The recent ceremony marked the successful completion of an intensive training program, as these individuals get ready to embark on their future careers at the prestigious Czech Air Navigation Institute.

CANI at the Air Show in Pardubice

Czech Air Navigation Institute recently took part in a spectacular aviation event called Aviatická pouť. As proud participants, we had the opportunity to showcase our work and introduce the public to the operations of the Czech Air Navigation Institute.


Czech Air Navigation institute

The Czech Air Navigation Institute is a modern and internationally recognized center providing services in the area of ATM training, technical personnel training and flight inspection with fourty years of tradition in this field and with international activities.