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Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic has been selected for the training of Norwegian air traffic controllers from Avinor Air Navigation Services.

Prague, Czech Republic (17.8.2018) - Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, with its training institute CANI, is honoured to have been selected as the provider of choice to deliver ATC Initial Training for Avinor AS over the next three years. During the contract period CANI will deliver Basic and Rating Training to more than 60 new trainees from Avinor Air Navigation Services.

After successfully launching the project for training of the next generation of air traffic controllers for Bosnia and Herzegovina and signing an agreement for training of ATCOs from Malta earlier this year, ANS CR and CANI reach another important milestone in securing a multi-year training agreement with Avinor AS, one of Europe's leading ANSPs. "We consider this contract as another clear example that our service delivery and dedication to customer care are amongst the best in Europe and are recognized and appreciated throughout the industry. With Avinor's focus on high standards of service delivery, the reputation of CANI is significantly reaffirmed." Jan Klas, Director General of ANS CR, commented on the CANI's international success. "Avinor Air Navigation Services is pleased to enter the cooperation with CANI in the Czech Republic. CANI won the contract based on strict price and quality criteria, and we look forward to entering the cooperation with them for the next three years", says Anders Kirsebom, Managing Director of Avinor Air Navigation Services in Norway. 

In the first year, CANI will train 15 students for ADI/APS ratings. During the following years of the contract it is anticipated that up to 24 students will be trained each year, evenly divided between ADI/APS and APS/ACS ratings. The training for the first group of Avinor students is scheduled to start on 17th September 2018.

Commercial activities are an increasingly important part of the ANS CR portfolio. The activities of the Czech Air Navigation Institute (CANI) have generated revenue of over 100 million Czech crowns in the previous year. Dynamic growth has also been seen in the provision of flight inspection services to foreign clients, which CANI has continued to provide to its client base over the past years.


Avinor Air Navigation Services AS provides aerodrome control and approach control services at airports, air traffic services in Norwegian airspace and maintenance and operation of the technical infrastructure for air navigation. Avinor ANS is a subsidiary company in the Avinor Group, and is a wholly state-owned limited liability company under the authority of the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications. The Avinor Group is responsible for the 45 state-owned airports and air navigation services for civilian and military aviation in Norway. Avinor ANS provides ATS to a wide range of units, including ACS, APS, ADI and combined ADI/APS and ACS/APS units. Most units have a variety of traffic constellations including both civil and military operators, IFR and VFR operations, offshore helicopter traffic and a mix of these. They are also developing the Ninox Remote Tower technology, which will be introduced to 15 airports throughout Norway in the years to come. 


The state enterprise Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic (ANS CR) was established on 1 January 1995. In accordance with authorisation from the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, it provides public aviation services to users of Czech airspace as well as Prague - Ruzyně, Brno - Tuřany, Ostrava – Mošnov, and Karlovy Vary Airports. The mission of ANS CR is to take part in the provision of cost effective, long-term sustainable aviation navigation services in an environment of evolving functional airspace blocks. In the dynamic air transportation environment, its services are designed to meet the expectations of all users with regard to current and future demand at both the national level and that of the European ATM development context. One of the key foundations of air navigation services provision is to ensure safety, which takes precedence over commercial, operational and other goals.



The Czech Air Navigation Institute (CANI) is a modern fully-equipped training center with 30 years of industry and air traffic management training experience. Our strong customer focus, multi-national team of qualified instructors, deep domain knowledge and friendly staff make CANI the training provider of choice for many air navigation service providers from Europe and beyond.

For further information contact:  Richard Klíma, Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, e-mail: klima@ans.cz, tel.:  +420   220 37 2093, 724 172 186, www.ans.cz