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CANI participated at ICAO workshop in Bangkok

In June 2017, ICAO workshop focused on Competency-Based Training within the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) programme took place in Bangkok. After the pilot workshop held in Montreal in June 2016, this was another international activity supported by CANI. Thanks to our active long-term participation in this initiative and in the framework of ongoing discussions, ANS CR respectively CANI were presented as one of the leading organizations in the field.

This ICAO working group was set up in 2013 to prepare the updated training manuals for ATCOs and ATSEPs. A group of experts representing various international and training organizations such as CANSO, IFATCA, IFATSEA, including CANI, was then asked to continue with a successful collaboration and help introduce a new concept at interactive workshops at ICAO regional offices around the world.

This concept is called Competency-Based Training – a training based on gradual building of competencies and clearly defined performance criteria. The Competency Framework for ATCO and ATSEP, presented in ICAO Doc. 9868 Procedures for Air Navigation Services - Training (PANS-TRG), provides an overview of basic competencies, which include, beside the expert skills, also management of non-routine situations, teamwork, communication, workload management, self-management, continuous learning etc. An integral part of each competence is so-called performance criteria, which consist of three parts:

  • observable behavior,
  • conditions under which the performance is to occur,
  • standards of achievement.

The three-day workshop held in Bangkok was attended by 72 participants from 15 countries, mainly from Southeast Asia. In the first part, which was common for ATCOs and ATSEPs, the concept of gradual acquisition of competencies was interactively presented, and given the different profile of the participants, a general and non-standard example was chosen - juggling with balls. Participants had a chance to verify the importance of step-by-step training as well as the basic principles of performance criteria in a fun way.  The participants' feedback to the workshop was excellent and the event was a great way to share experience about the training. It was also a perfect example of CANI’s involvement in international training activities.

Read more about the importance and benefits of the Competency-Based Approach in the Airspace magazine (Q4 2016) published by CANSO.