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Executive Challenge

Course Design

Professional air traffic control instructors work with a management expert from EPR Consulting Europe in preparing, guiding and evaluating the performances of participants. Participants are thoroughly debriefed after each air traffic control exercise. Special attention is given to comparing their own perceptions with their observed behavior. Feedback is provided for both individual and team behaviors.

Course Objectives

Czech Air Navigation Institute (CANI), in cooperation with EPR Consulting Europe, offers managers the opportunity to train and perform real air traffic control tasks in exactly the same environment as licensed air traffic controllers from across Europe and beyond. After just a few hours of preparation, participants are ready to put their existing skills, mixed with their newly acquired aviation knowledge, to work directing complex air traffic scenarios. The CANI simulators offer the world’s premier technology in air traffic control tower training and are staffed by licensed ATC instructors, technicians and simulator pilots.


Executive Challenge is an opportunity for managers from any industry to exercise many of the same skills they use in their professional lives in the exciting environment of an air traffic control tower. Managers need to be observant, decisive and clear in their communication in order to move their organizations forward while simultaneously watching out for potential threats. Air traffic controllers do all of these things every minute in their highly-challenging field.

Course Duration

1 – 2 days

Course Content

Participants receive feedback on their performance in the following areas:

  • maximizing efficiency while limited by time and physical resources
  • recognizing and recovering from errors and imperfections
  • risk analysis and decisiveness
  • strict adherence to the division of tasks while simultaneously cooperating closely with a team member
  • avoiding myopia
  • dealing with stress
  • understanding customers’ perspectives
  • communicating clearly and concisely


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